Daily Message for 12/12/16

Divine Rebel from the Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.

Divine rebels shake things up, create a divine disturbance and refuse to play by the rules.  They do this because they love divine love! They know there is nothing as powerful as unconditional love of the Divine.  It will have its way in the world, in the hearts of all living beings; it will not be tamed, controlled, restricted, or denied.  If there is a rule that gets in the way of that love, the the divine rebel will find another way, so that love can have its way.  The divine rebel in you is not meant to do things the way others say you should.  Some people may become frustrated with you because they won’t know why you have to stand up and speak your truth.  That’s ok.  Divine rebels are not always understood, but they are respected by those who are ready to make love more important than fear, and who are willing to contribute constructively towards healing the world.  


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