Twin Flame reading 3/6 -3/12

We are coming into a time of some different energies with the Venus retrograde energies.  I feel like this is going to be a good time for Twin Flames to reassess their relationships (and not just romantic ones) and filter out the ones that are no longer fulfilling them.  


2 thoughts on “Twin Flame reading 3/6 -3/12

  1. Hi there,
    My name is Mary i’ve watched two of your recent reading and it’s like you’ve been talking to me directly.
    I would like to have a reading of twinflame masculine or to try and find my soulmate.
    I’m trapped into a difficult marriage. I live in Greece. How can i find you in person.


    1. Hi Mary! I did get your email and responded to it earlier this week. If you would like a reading, check out the page on this website. I am located in the United States, so I don’t think we would be able to arrange an in person reading at this time 🙂


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