Faith Meditation for Twin Flames – by guest contributor Akal Sahai Singh

Akal Sahai Singh (Steve Coffing) is a yoga teacher, inspirational author, a twin flame, and a meditation and manifestation coach.  Thoughts flow to him during an elevated state he calls The Flow.  Here are a few of his thoughts about the twin flame experience. 

Being a twin flame can certainly seem like the path to insanity at times! It’s this great unknown that very little is truly known about. Meaning it’s not something science can quantify yet many of us are experiencing the trials and tribulations of this most amazing of journeys. What I do know is that it’s something far beyond a soul contract which I think is incredibly important. A soul agrees to split, to become two souls which then go their separate ways having their own experiences before reconnecting. Contracts can be broken, your twin flame is literally the other half of your soul – if you are a twin flame of course and yes that’s a topic for another time.

Being a twin flame, rejoining with your twin is guaranteed by the universe. The when however is up to those involved. It could take many lifetimes spanning hundreds of years but many twins are coming into union now because we’ve done our work and it’s time to join with our twins and go about our larger mission work of making the world a better place. This of course will look differently for each set of twins but we all need to get there first which of course means navigating said insanity.

A guide is highly recommended as their help can be invaluable. You’ve already found Kristine’s incredible videos otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Hopefully you’re as big of a fan of her amazing work as I am. I’ve been blessed to have several different readings from her now and talk about life changing!

From there though it’s all a question of what’s stronger, your faith or the fear. We’ve all been there, as the fear of never attaining something nigh pushes us to the point of insanity. Here’s a great and incredibly simple meditation to help faith reign supreme. Sit still/quietly and breathe long and deep through the nose. Then, surround yourself with golden light. I sometimes like to visualize it going through my entire body as well, but either way, it always immediately stops the negativity.

  1. Sit still and comfortably in a quiet space, ideally on the floor/supporting your own weight (if you are unable to, just do your best!).
  2. Focus at the third eye (between the eyebrows) until it becomes heavy (this might not happen at first, that’s okay).
  3. Breathe long and deep through your nose.
  4. Listen with the entirety of your being. Open yourself to the vibration/Song of the Infinite.
  5. Thoughts will come, let them wash through you.
  6. Sit for as long as you like and repeat/return to that space, often.

For me, that heavy feeling in my forehead is a magic space where my intuition is greatly enhanced and creativity flows. What did you experience?

While we might be in physical (ie 3D) separation from our twin we can certainly connect and communicate with them in the 5D. Doing so will definitely help the two of you work together on healing/etc which of course will help you come into union that much sooner which I know is something we all want!

We’re in separation though/it’s not time for union yet because we have to work on ourselves. No matter how evolved we become we can always do and become more. Meaning, before we can truly make the world a better place we have to be the best we can possibly be and remember, the more you heal, the more you heal your twin and thus the entire world. Talk about incentive!

The Age of Aquarius has brought with it an ever increasing pace of life. We as twin flames especially see this as the nigh indescribable desire to reunite with our twin. They’re the other half of our soul after all but there’s more to it. There’s an underlying something driving it with a deep sense of urgency. Is it our soul yearning to reunite with our other half? Is it the universe urging us onward to make the world a better place or is it a sneak preview to motivate us to become the best we possibly can as quickly as possible? YES!

To me, the underlying urgency is a call to light, for everyone to step out of the race and embrace your destiny of making the world a better place. That’s what the whole twin flame experience is really about. It’s also the ultimate incentive but like enlightenment, it’s where the journey truly begins.

Everyone needs patience especially we as twins. I manifest using the words, “I would like ______.” Fill in the blank. Thus I began mentally vibrating, “I would like to have infinite patience.” It was as if the words opened a portal as I became the proverbial empty vessel to be filled with all of the incredible blessings the universe has to offer. Everything crystallized and the entirety of my existence oriented me towards my goals of reuniting with my twin and making the world a better place.

I’ve always been incredibly motivated when it comes to personal development. I couldn’t imagine better motivation than what awaits at the proverbial end of the rainbow! To that end I began visualizing what it would be like to have infinite patience. Several things were obvious. Nothing would bother you. Wow! Want! Since nothing bothered you, you would also be incredibly peaceful. Wow did I ever want that! Most of all though was a deep sense of wanting more. I knew this was the way.

Pain and grief are two of the most real things we as human can experience. Love of course is another but we have to stop and allow ourselves to grieve and heal before we can be filled with the incredible love and light the universe has to offer. The pain of separation is some of the most intense imaginable as the entirety of your existence is literally torn in half and you carry this pain throughout all of your incarnations as you move through lives blissfully unaware that the other half of your soul is out there having their own very different experiences.

Call it Grand Design if you will but union with your twin is guaranteed. They literally are the other half of your soul. There can be no other outcome as that’s the reason your soul split into two souls – to rejoin later as a greater whole. That’s why you have thoughts about that person so much (not think about them. It’s an important difference). The time is now. Wake up to it and may we all be in union as soon as possible!


Akal Sahai Singh (Steve Coffing)

Let’s Talk Smudging!

Do you clear your space?  Are you familiar with the term smudging?  Let’s talk about this!  Smudging is such a simple process that can really bring big changes to the energy around you.

So, what is it?  It is a traditional Native American (North) energy cleansing technique.  It calls on spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance.  It is the art of cleansing yourself using simple ritual.  It helps to clear away emotional and psychic “garbage” that may have gathered, like a spiritual spring cleaning.  The change can be swift and dramatic!

This type of cleansing practice is documented in history as an age old tradition.  From the Zulus to Maoris, Chinese to Balinese have forms of cleansing and blessing rituals.  The West even retains forms of them even though many have long forgotten the true purpose behind them.  Incense wafting through a church cleanses the space just as the medicine man’s bowl of sacred smoke, or smudge.  The bells that ring out on Sunday are intended to purify the parish and lead the community into worship, just as the Shamans drums can lead versus on sacred journeys to the spirit world.

The herbs most often used in smudge sticks are sage and sweet grass.  My personal favorites are white sage or a palo santo stick.  Sage drives out any negative thoughts, energies, spirits, and influences.  Sweet grass is used to attract positive energy after all the negative energies have been banished off by sage.  You can purchase smudge sticks on, your local metaphysical shop, Etsy, or one of my favorite online shops, (I am not getting paid for these mentions!).  You can probably buy an entire smudge kit at any of these places as well.

What do you need? A smudge stick/palo santo stick (represents earth element and smoke represents air). An abalone shell to catch the ashes (represents element of water) to extinguish and place the smudge stick.  A large feather to waft the smoke (element of air).  Depending on how in depth your ritual is, you can incorporate crystals, essential oils, flower essences, sea salt, or bells/drums/rattles as well.  You can incorporate this practice into your daily or weekly routine, or anytime you think your energy could use a boost or some cleansing!  You can never smudge too much!  Some ideal/necessary times to smudge your space or self would be:

  • When you move into a new living space
  • When you begin a new job or start your own business
  • Before and after a guest enters your home
  • Before and after a yoga or healing session
  • Before meditation
  • After an argument or any illness
  • When returning home from very crowded situations

If you’d like to try this ancient practice, there are many, many resources online to help you get started.  For now, here is a simple 3 step process that you can modify in a way that best suits you.

  1. Assemble your desired supplies
  2. Place your Smudge stick on your Abalone Shell.  Light the bundle by holding a flame to it until it begins to smoke. If a true flame appears, shake the bundle gently or blow until it is just embers and smoke. I find that I have to re-light my sage bundle a few times during the ritual process. 
  3. Once you have gotten the smoke going, use the feather (you can also use your hand) to direct the smoke over your body from your feet up to your head, then back down again. As you do this, visualize the smoke taking away with it any negative energy from your life.

          If you feel comfortable with this incantation, repeat the following:
          “Air, fire, water, earth. Cleanse, dismiss, dispel.” 
          The sage ceremony lifts the veil between the everyday and the sacred. As you say your incantation, you are shifting energ  at will.  (You can really say any type of intention or incantation that you feel comfortable with.  This is just one example).  Once you have smudged your body, now you can move through your space. Waft the smoke into the corners, doorways and into shadow spaces. To maintain the atmosphere of ritual, keep repeating the incantation in your mind as you diffuse the smoke.  Once your space is cleared, you can choose to allow the sage bundle to either burn out or gently press it out in your heat-proof shell or container. (Personally, I press it out in the abalone shell or else I will set off my smoke alarms! LOL!) Some choose to bury the remaining smudge in your garden to really feel the completeness of the cleansing ritual. Once buried, the sage has done its work in completing the elemental cycle.  This is not a requirement.  I know some who sprinkle the ashes in the garden, some who flush down the toilet, some who throw outside.  All are fine!  Go with whatever you feel comfortable doing.

I hope to have given you a little bit of insight into a beautiful, simple, yet powerful practice that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.  I would love to hear from you if you decide to try this out, or if you already smudge yourself and your own space!  If so, what method do you use and what are your favorite herbs to use?  I look forward to hearing from you.


Kristine, Indigo Wings XO

Twin Flame reading 3/6 -3/12

We are coming into a time of some different energies with the Venus retrograde energies.  I feel like this is going to be a good time for Twin Flames to reassess their relationships (and not just romantic ones) and filter out the ones that are no longer fulfilling them.  

Let Go.

As a person on the spiritual path, and especially as someone experiencing a soul connection or Twin Flame connection; how many times have you heard that?  Has it been helpful?  I haven’t found it to be.  You KNOW you need to let it go and yet, somehow, you haven’t figured out how to break free.

The concept had been dogging me for awhile and I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.  I felt like something wasn’t right.  I understood the power in letting go and surrender when it comes to the Twin Flame connection, yet we can’t force ourselves into a space we just aren’t ready for. That’s when I came across this article by Cassady Cayne: I highly recommend reading it, especially if you’ve been feeling the way I do about letting go.  

If letting go doesn’t sit well with you, that means that it isn’t right for you at this moment.  There’s a reason for it.  You have a lesson coming out of it, something to learn.  Instead of forcing yourself to do something that doesn’t feel right, focus on raising your vibration.  Lift yourself up and out of the negativity you’re feeling.  As you focus more on things that make you happy and raise your vibration, you’ll be able to naturally fall into a space of detachment and surrender.  

While you are working on your process, try to be aware of your state of mind and keep your thoughts positive.  Try not to focus on an outcome, but have faith that everything will work out in your favor.  Keep an open mind because the Universe may have plans for you that are far grander than anything you could ever imagine.  Work on one minute at a time, then one hour, one day, and so on and so on.  Start new routines for yourself and set intentions of how you want to live your life and DO IT.  

Aside from not being ready, I think many individuals are looking for an answer.  HOW do you let go?  HOW do you surrender?  And no one is handing that one out!  It’s easy to tell someone to let go of something.  Not so easy to help them get through it.  Throughout the next several months, my plan is to share tips and tricks  that will help people with those first steps in moving forward.  Here are some ways to get started if you are currently struggling with this issue:

1) Engage in self care activities.  Do things that make you feel good and feel happy.  Detox bath, read a good, get a pedicure. Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.  You DESERVE these things.  Make time for them.

2) Meditate.  Guided meditations are wonderful!  Listen to your intuition – is there anything you are struggling with?  Find meditations that focus on those things.  Definitely do some Heart Chakra work!

3) Start something new.  Is there something you’ve been wanting to try?  Yoga?  Working out?  New eating plan?  Do something to take care of yourself!  Start a new healthy habit.

4) Be compassionate to yourself.  If you think of your twin or soul connection, that’s ok.  Listen to your feelings and try to see if you can figure out what they’re telling you.  If you find yourself dwelling, just stop and regroup.  It’s ok.  Change takes time.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Most importantly, listen to your intuition.  
5) Be the love.  Forgive.  When we are operating out of a place of love and compassion, we attract that back to us.  Treat everyone with love, compassion, and kindness.  Even if we are feeling hurt and want to lash out!  Take a deep breath and remember to just be the love.  

If you’ve successfully let go or surrendered to a Twin Flame or Soul Connection, I’d love to hear how you did it.  Comment below!  If you’re still working on it, just know that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.  Don’t worry about it!!   You’ll get there when you’re ready.  
Many Blessings,

Kristine, Indigo Wings xo

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2017!  The year of New Beginnings!  Over the last couple of weeks, I have had so many ideas come to me about different topics I wanted to write about.  I had a few video readings I intended to record.  I wound up doing a whole lot of hibernating instead.  This most recent New Moon and other energies floating around have really left me exhausted and every time I went to work on something, I felt Spirit very strongly nudging me to wait…and rest.  So, that’s what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks.  Thourougly enjoying the time with my family and taking the time to enjoy the time off from school and work and not having to DO anything.  It was such a nice feeling.

It actually inspired one of my intentions for this year, which is to focus on being more present in my life.  Living a less hectic life when possible.  “Life a WANT to life, not a HAVE to life.”  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  It fills my heart with a sense of peace just thinking about it.  I’m taking baby steps to start.  Not over-committing.  Saying no.  Self care.  Trying new things!

My website is a work in progress and I’m going to try something for a little bit to see how it works.  For a bit, I’ve been posting my daily messages here on my blog.  I’m thinking about going back to posting those on my Facebook page and I can share the link to it here.  Weekly readings and videos will be posted here.  I just want to try it out and see what happens.  Maybe I’ll come back to posting the cards here.  Maybe I’ll stick to social media.  Time and how many see the messages will tell!

I am feeling optimistic about this year and hope you are too.  Good things are coming to us!  I would love to hear if you have set any intentions or goals for yourself this year.  Please share in the comments section below.  

Much love and blessings,

Kristine, Indigo Wings XO

Message for December 30, 2016

As you grow older, you’ll realize that no one on this planet truly knows what he or she is doing – we all just get by as best we can.  This card reminds you that you’ve got plenty of help and companionship available to you.  Never before have so many people come into a lifetime with the shared Divine purpose of rewriting the script for daily human life.  Your mission is so very important, and there are literally millions of others in this world having very similar experiences.  Ask the angels to help guide you to like-minded people who can relate to you.  It will soon become apparent to you that you are an integral part of one of the most significant movements in human history.  

Message for December 29, 2016

Your spirit guides and angels send you this card because every aspect of your personality and existence makes perfect sense to them.  You may feel flawed, or that you’ve made mistakes.  This card reminds you that nothing is a mistake.  Everything is a Divine appointment.  Know that Heaven and the angels see you as a perfect being, and they have been with you every step of your life.  They know who you are, and they see your Divine perfection.  The angels completely understand why you’ve make every decision you have made.  

Allow yourself to revel in the comfort of knowing that there’s a force much bigger than any human on this planet, an this force sees you as a flawless soul doing the best you can.