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All readings are currently recorded and stored on my OneDrive account as private videos and will be shared through a private link.  Contact if you have any questions.

Readings will be delivered within 5-10 business days of PAYMENT RECEIVED, although I do try to deliver as soon as possible.  

Relationship or Twin Flame Reading – starting at $60
**I do not confirm Twin Relationships with this reading!**

With this reading, I pull cards for the energies for the both parties to see what kind of growth and changes each have coming up in the near future.  I then pull additional cards to see where the energies are taking them and what are some of the underlying energies affecting both.

Mini Relationship/Soulmate/Twin Flame Reading – starting at $22
This can be used for ANY type of relationship, not just Twin Flame.

This is a 4 card, typed reading – 1 card for the feminine energy, 1 card for the masculine energy, 1 card for the combined energies, and 1 card for the near future. This is not an overly detailed reading, but meant to give you a glimpse of what is happening within your connection. For a more in depth reading, please check out the Relationship/Twin Flame Reading.

Delivery to your email within 5-10 business days, sooner when possible. Includes a picture of cards.

Relationship/Soulmate/Twin Flame Separation Reading – starting at $50
This is a reading specifically for Relationships, Soulmates, or Twin Flames who are in separation.  (This is only for those who KNOW who their Twin is.  I do not confirm a Twin Relationship in this reading.)  I ask a series of 9 Questions that help the Client best work through the separation.  This is a reading that I created with another reader and is UNIQUE to my offerings.  I do not share the questions in the description in order to protect our creative property.  The questions feature many of the most common queries that come up and what will best assist anyone while in separation.

1 Month Love Taroscope – starting at $35
3 Month Love Taroscope – starting at $66
This is an intuitive spread that will give you a prediction on what may be coming up in regards to your love life.  It includes Romance Angel cards and Surrender cards for monthly themes and tarot cards to paint a picture of what the month may look like.  Available in 1 or 3 month increments. This is a recorded reading sent via email.

3 Card Reading – starting at $15
This is a 3 card reading designed to answer 1, straightforward question. This will be delivered as a text reading via email. If you are looking for specifics and lots of details, this may not be the reading for you! Email your question to me or put it in the notes to help expedite the delivery of your reading. Readings are delivered in the order they are received and delivered in 5-8 business days, sooner when possible!