All Readings and other services can be purchased from our new Store at

All readings are currently recorded and stored on Vimeo or Youtube as private videos and will be shared through a private link.  Contact if you have any questions.

Readings will be delivered within 5-10 business days of PAYMENT RECEIVED, although I do try to deliver as soon as possible. 

24 Hour Emergency Reading – add $60
Sometimes we feel like we need guidance or insight right away. If this is you, add this to your reading to guarantee a 24 hour turnaround time. When purchasing Friday-Saturday, please email me at to make sure I am available for the 24 hour turnaround.  If you do not contact me prior to purchase, I cannot guarantee availability.

48 Hour Turn Around –  add $30

Sometimes we feel like we need insight quickly and don’t want to wait for the current turn around time which can be anywhere from 5-10 business days.  If you want your reading right away, select this option for your reading.  Please contact me at to confirm reading availability.

Intuitive Counseling Services – $95

I have been a counselor working mostly with women and relationships since 2003.  I’m thrilled to finally be offering my intuitive counseling services to my clients!  Not all clients may be an ideal fit for an intuitive counseling session, therefore I ask that clients please email me at so we can see what your needs are.  Prior to the session, clients will be asked to email me a summary of what issues they are facing and goals they have for the session.  That way, we can make the most of our time together!  The session will be via video chat on Skype or FB messenger and last 50 minutes.   Anything over 50 minutes will be billed in 15 minute increments at $25 per 15 minutes.  This session is NOT a tarot reading.  It is possible that I may use divination tools or reiki healing during the session, but this will be different for every client and not a guarantee.   Please allow a minimum of 4-5 days to schedule the session.  *If during the counseling session, the client decides they would like an additional tarot reading, there will be a one-time offer of 20% off that reading, good for a 2 week period.*

Email Intuitive Counseling – $65

This is an offering for EXISTING clients ONLY and not an ideal fit for everyone.  This is only an option once we have established a connection and you need check-ins.  A great option for someone who needs to bounce some things off their counselor, but doesn’t quite feel the need for a full session.  This covers up to 3 topics/questions and includes 3 responses from me.  Initial response within 24 hours in the majority of cases.  Email me at to set up.

Twin Flame Reading
I do not confirm Twin Relationships with this reading. With this reading, I go through and pull the cards for the energies for the Feminine and Masculine Twin to see what kind of growth and changes each of them will be going through.  I then pull additional cards to see where the energies are taking them and what are some of the underlying energies affecting both Twins.

Twin Flame Separation Reading
This is a reading specifically for Twins who are in separation.  This is only for those who KNOW who their Twin is.  I do not confirm a Twin Relationship in this reading.  I ask a series of 9 Questions that help the Twin getting the reading best work through the separation (Typically it is the Feminine Energy Twin).  This is a reading that I created with another reader and is UNIQUE to our offerings.  I do not share the questions in the description in order to protect our creative property.  The Questions feature many of the most common queries that come up in Twin Flame separation and what will best assist Twins while in separation.

Block of the Union Reading

Sometimes, we  know we need a little more insight into our personal dynamics and healing to learn how to move through it. This reading will take a look at the current energy of the Divine Masculine, thee Divine Feminine, and the Union.  Then we take a look at the current blocks and how to work on moving through them.  Finally we look at the near future energy of the Union.  Multiple decks are used in this reading.

Heart of the Relationship
Gain insight into the dynamics of your relationship (ANY relationship!  Twin, Soulmate, Karmic, Friendship, Family, Co-worker, etc) and help the relationship grow.

3 Card Reading
This is a great option for quick answers for uncomplicated questions.