“I feel that you have connected with our energy as twins, and have really nailed our relationship so perfectly.  You are also reasonably priced and I really enjoy your readings.  You definitely have a gift and I can feel your strong connection to Spirit.” – Lee W.

“I so appreciate the beautiful reading you did for me.  You are a breath of fresh air!  Thank you for sharing your gifts and abilities with the world!” – R.P.

“I had the pleasure of receiving a 3 card reading from Kristine. She is such a beautiful,loving and spiritually gifted soul. Her voice is calm, soothing and angelic. The reading resonated well with me. Confirmed some things and provided a forecast of lovely blessings and things to come for me. Provided insight and guidance about an area to be aware of, but to listen to my intuition and all will be well and that I’m on the right path for my highest good. Thank you Kristine for the beautiful card reading. You are genuine, truly gifted and a beautiful light worker.” – Bonnie

“OMG! You are soooo spot on, it’s spooky… Thank you.  Wonderful – spot on and helpful.  I’m pleased I followed my sense that your readings are resonant for me and therefore it was worth getting a personal one done.” – Sarah F.

“My reading was incredible! It was more specific and accurate than I could ever have imagined ” – Lynn

“Had an extraordinary reading about what I must focus on within my journey. It is something I felt compelled to, but so glad that this reading confirmed and clarified on what I need to work on. Thank you so much!” – Maria

“I did a Reiki session with this very gifted healer and it was wonderful. I felt very relaxed and went to sleep tight after the healing. I noticed I started to release emotions and feelings I didn’t know I had stored inside. I truly recommend a session with Indigo Wings, she is compassionate, caring and very gifted. I am for sure returning for further sessions. Thank you so much!!! ” -Silvi

“I just received my very first twin flame reading oh my I highly recommend any reading from Kristine she was soo accurate highly in tune with me and my twin. She offers it all insight and ways to help with the healing process this was so in depth I’m in shock over details. Thank you for your guidance it helped me a lot.” -Susie

“I loved the mini twin flame karmic band healing session that I received. I felt great afterwards and would do it again for sure!” -Kelly