Card of the Day: Sensitivity

I am using  the Crystal Mandala Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.

Sensitivity: Ascended Master Lady Nada & Rhodochrosite

We bring you the blessing of sensitivity.  Being sensitive in this world can be tough sometimes, yet your sensitivity is essential if you are to consciously feel and work with subtle energy.  Receiving and sending telepathic transmissions, feeling and releasing energetic cords, tingling with exquisite blessings of divine love, sensing the whispers of divine grace, and seeing the luminous sparkling particles of life force dancing wildly and the beauty of shimmering auric fields in dazzling and colorful display…to be given the gift of sensitivity to perceive the energetic worlds is like being invited to the most special and extraordinary exhibit of sacred art.  You may have struggled with sensitivity, found it difficult to bear during times of emotional suffering, yet you have a great gift and it will bring you so much joy.  If you are learning to develop your sensitivity, we will help you so you too can feel uplifted as you witness the energetic beauty of creation.